Product Photography on White

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In the past, I have photographed products as big as a couch an as small as a neckless on a white background. With product and catalog photography clients can either drop off their goods, mail them to me or I can come to them and photograph at their store any where in the Charleston, South Carolina area. 

I offer a day rate and a half day rate for photography. The digital files are included in my day rate along with light retouching in Photoshop: touch-up of minor defects and color correction. I also include clipping. This is the post-production process of removing the background from the image. The result is similar to what a green screen does, but with much more care and dedication given to each image.  This is how I accomplish the pure white background that looks so clean for websites, Amazon, Etsy, or other online retailers and e-commerce. 

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Why should you hang up your iPhone and have professional photos taken? 

Help Increase Conversions

It’s no secret: High-quality photos sell more product. With so many choices out there, sometimes the decision to buy comes down to who has the best photos.

Improve Customer Confidence

Ever hesitate making an online purchase because of poor quality photos? So do your customers. Great product photography can tip the scales in your favor.

Elevate Brand Image

High-quality photography is a mark of high-quality brands and helps maintain a trustworthy image. Help your customers remember your products and your brand with great photos.

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white background photography in Charleston, South Carolina, Studio Photography