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I help businesses elevate their sales with branding + product photography.



Favorite Artist: Picasso

Celebrity Doppelganger: Jewel

Greatest Adventure: Thailand, Cuba, Eurorailing through western Europe on my own for three months

Favorite Podcast: How I Built This

Astrological Sign: Leo

Preferred Cuisine: Homegrown Summer Vegetables 

Childhood Ambition: Fashion Designer

Spirit Animal: Sea Turtle

Favorite Photographer: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Happy Place: Disconnected from technology and documenting people doing what they love


About Kate

Kate Thornton has a deep appreciation for art, design, and craftsmanship. Whatever her subject, she can hone in on the creativity and spark, finding beauty in every shot. Working with Kate feels easy and natural.  She has a calm, unassuming demeanor, making her comfortable and confident in her work.  

Collaborating with clients before each shoot to plan every detail, Kate brings an element of organization and professionalism to the job. She meticulously plans ahead, allowing her to relax behind the camera knowing that everything is in place. 

Visual from an early age, Kate has always been drawn to the photos in glossy magazines, taking in the trends and studying the lighting. She credits her grandmother for helping to nurture that artistic eye. One of her most treasured items, a painting given to her by her grandmother when she was just 8 years old, still hangs prominently on the living room wall. Her family filled their homes with local artwork, picking up original pieces wherever they traveled.

At home, Kate and husband Chris immerse themselves in the lives of their two young daughters, spending family time at the beach, initiating impromptu dance parties, and creating sidewalk chalk masterpieces.  It is this authentic freedom at home and work that defines her and her photography.

Kate and her family live in Charleston, S.C.


“Everywhere I travel, I always try to carve out time to visit an art museum. I can get lost for hours, that’s how I recharge.”


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